Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Open Question » Canada's Role In the Georgian-Russian War?

The Question is Canada's Role In the Georgian-Russian War?

As in question itself are a lot of findings,
my answer had to relate those things as well:

Everybody knows today weaknesses of own and neighbor countries, but to paint all things so black & White, is wrong. Russia is far away and Canada/Canadians know less about this country.

I think that American Interests (I mean continent/alliances) are still in Canadian interest. To show your (political) friends, you are not standing with them, can be incorrigible mistake, as you don't know when YOU need their help. And if you don't like USA, does it makes Russia automatically better partner for future? :) It's better for Canada to stand behind somebody as jump in front of somebody. It means do what everybody aspect you to do. It's better for Canada, I think so.

So my answer is, you should stand, where you belong. And in case, that you would like to make corrections on your 'friends' behavior, work on it, instead of running to Russia ;)

And as Georgian I know that nobody cares on us, as we have for world politic, as you said 0 importance, but it's first unfair, against international law and second very bad example what Russia can do ... and not only against small neighbors. So by ignoring or giving unjust less importance will not help at all. You have to face it.

P.S. to remind everybody here
On Aug. 2, after being escorted by a nuclear-powered icebreaker and another research vessel, two Russian mini-submarines traveled more than two miles below the ice at the North Pole and planted a titanium Russian flag in the seafloor, claiming the underwater territory for Moscow.


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