Saturday, August 1, 2009

One Year After the 2008 August War in Georgia

Russian army is still present there. Not only this, looks like even willing for new war.

From Russian Army OUT of GEORGIA!

The war of August 2008 brought pain. The Russian Army is still present in Georgia. We hope that they get out. After they leave I hope that relationship between Georgia and Russia will start to normalize, because it would bring peace in Caucasus and especially in our region.
You can't shake hands with a clenched fist.
Indira Gandhi

Some Photos:

A Russian guy is traveling abroad for the first time.
Upon arriving, he’s filling in immigration form at customs:

Name - Ivan,
Surname - Sidorov,
Occupation - No, no, just a visit!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Russia's Most Dangerous Profession -> journalism

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You don't need to go to Russia, Russia will come to you

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Estonian Spy Scandal Shakes NATO and EU

By Holger Stark

For years an Estonian government official has apparently been collecting the most intimate secrets of NATO and the EU -- and passing them on to the Russians. The case is a disaster for Brussels.


Simm and his wife Heete, using a Cold War-era radio transmitter, allegedly offered classified information including the alliance's plans on Kosovo's independence, U.S. missile defence and the recent conflict between Russia and Georgia.

Officials say Simm, who is a former Estonian chief of police, was uncovered when his Russian handler attempted to recruit another Estonian official. That person reported the offer to NATO authorities.

Simm is expected to be arraigned early next year and if found guilty, could face up to 15 years in prison.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Can God go threw needle?

People blame, that there is a lot of propaganda. I agree, but there are a lot of (enough) clear facts and propaganda can't cover them. So only point, what worries me is, that nobody want to see and touch this facts to work on them. As for many, propaganda may is not something they would like, but still it gives them (every side and involved and not involved parties) feeling of safeness. Propaganda is coat where they all the countries and officials and organizations etc. can hide. To do things are difficult. They can't and don't want to take their part responsibility. To 'investigate' is easy. Endless fight about: And who was the first, egg or chicken? Can God go threw needle? Until there are no answers on this questions, until we have different answers, but can't decide, until Russia keeps 'peace' and we all keep peace with Russia and Georgian government keeps his mouth now shot ... people die ... but everything has 'explanation' we could (?) do something, but we can't (?) until we are investigating and clearing questions mentioned above.

Here some more pictures:

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Georgia Warns of Possible Russian Aggression

Georgia Warns of Possible Russian Aggression
Senior Georgian officials have warned that “further aggression” and “a repeat [Russian] attack” on Georgia were possible. >>

Local Governor Dies in Mine Blast

Gia Mebonia, a local governor of the Tsalenjikha district in Samegrelo region was killed when a land mine exploded in a village of Muzhava, the Georgian Interior Ministry reported on October 25.

The explosion took place when the governor along with the EU and OSCE monitors was inspecting the house of a local resident, which was shelled last night.

The owner of the house has also died in mine explosion, while a local policeman was severely injured, according to the same report.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Warning all of those going back home : MINES!

We are warning all of those going back to watch out for mines and unexploded ordnance. Some casualties have already been registered.

"A Mission for All of Georgia", Sabine Freizer in EU Observer

The real work needs to be done in South Ossetia and Abkhazia, where the mission should be mandated to monitor the withdrawal of Ossetian, Abkhaz, Georgian and Russian forces to their pre-7 August positions; re-establish security, put an end to the ongoing destruction of Georgian homes and properties in South Ossetia; help in the provision of humanitarian assistance; and most importantly, assist return of displaced persons, Georgian and Ossetian, facilitate their reconciliation and assist investigations into alleged war crimes on all sides. So far, the Russians are claiming that the Ossetians and Abkhaz trust Moscow alone to carry out these tasks. But if the EU deploys only to territory controlled by Tbilisi, the EU is inherently recognising Georgia's

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Photos of the War in Georgia

Avdeev Max's Photos : War in South Osetia
According to Author all was pictured during war in South Osetia from 10.08.2008 to 15.08.2008. Represents: Java, Tshinvali, Gori (Georgia).

On the photos you see Russian forces.