Saturday, October 25, 2008

Georgia Warns of Possible Russian Aggression

Georgia Warns of Possible Russian Aggression
Senior Georgian officials have warned that “further aggression” and “a repeat [Russian] attack” on Georgia were possible. >>

Local Governor Dies in Mine Blast

Gia Mebonia, a local governor of the Tsalenjikha district in Samegrelo region was killed when a land mine exploded in a village of Muzhava, the Georgian Interior Ministry reported on October 25.

The explosion took place when the governor along with the EU and OSCE monitors was inspecting the house of a local resident, which was shelled last night.

The owner of the house has also died in mine explosion, while a local policeman was severely injured, according to the same report.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Warning all of those going back home : MINES!

We are warning all of those going back to watch out for mines and unexploded ordnance. Some casualties have already been registered.

"A Mission for All of Georgia", Sabine Freizer in EU Observer

The real work needs to be done in South Ossetia and Abkhazia, where the mission should be mandated to monitor the withdrawal of Ossetian, Abkhaz, Georgian and Russian forces to their pre-7 August positions; re-establish security, put an end to the ongoing destruction of Georgian homes and properties in South Ossetia; help in the provision of humanitarian assistance; and most importantly, assist return of displaced persons, Georgian and Ossetian, facilitate their reconciliation and assist investigations into alleged war crimes on all sides. So far, the Russians are claiming that the Ossetians and Abkhaz trust Moscow alone to carry out these tasks. But if the EU deploys only to territory controlled by Tbilisi, the EU is inherently recognising Georgia's