Monday, September 8, 2008

Do you remember suffer of civilians?

War hurts only victims, a specially (if among them are) civilians. Who wants a war, for him it's a game to win or to loose (usually is winning await). Every party can try to solve the problem peacefully, even to try to stop the aggressor peacefully, to negotiate. But they don't do. And probably their is really no way out of war when somebody wants to win and knows that he will win and don't want to give up for any peaceful dialog, because the War promise them greater success (?) on cost of civilians, on cost of human lives, on cost of peoples suffer. Afterwords in Median Warier breaks out in tears that they done it ALL FOR HUMAN LIVES, ALL FOR HUMANITY and they just wanted to 'keep a peace'...

I found interesting post on The Art Club Caucasus and thought to share it with you:
Guernica, Mercenaries,War against Civilians

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