Thursday, September 18, 2008

Moscow Never Sleeps

I've notice in store some days before national geographic's new addition from August 2008. It has very nice title photo with bold letters on it: Ancient Iran - inside a nation's Persian soul. Isn't it interesting? But I never got time to read this magazine, as I was all the August thinking about peace for Georgia, reading news, thinking, thinking, prying and hoping ... Yesterday I borrow magazine from library and today I start reading it. I love to start to read from the very beginning. I take my time to look all details on the front page, content. Sometimes I leave to read editors notes, as I've noticed it's not always interested part. OK, and now to the point. In this magazine is also very informative and nice written article about Russia today. I find article for you on internet as well, so here's the link below. But why I am posting it, is not that it's interesting and it talks about Russian society and about a lot of changes there during last years. I post the article as evidence for crocodile Kremlin (small joke on the edge. But to be honest, I was pleased, that somebody else was having same association as I have ;) )

Moscow Never Sleeps

Novelist Martin Cruz Smith and photographer Gerd Ludwig discover the sinister magic of a city that reveals its true colors at night.

Article at national Geographic >>
Published: August 2008

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