Thursday, September 4, 2008

Separatism or 'divide and rule' politics?

Sure, there is separatism in the world and there is 'divide and rule' politics, too. But sometimes it is hard to see what or who is standing behind the wheel. Occasionally things become crystal clear by themselves and so it is in case of Georgia.

Russia became interested in the Caucasus and to a great extent in Georgia as well. This interest on their part brought much suffering to Georgia and all the other Caucasian countries over several centuries. It's shocking and sad for me to see that such brutality to control a sovereign nation may exist even in this modern era.

On 1921 the Soviet army invaded and took control of Georgia by force. In the coming decades there were always movements for freedom - however, on April 9, 1989, the Russian army repressed a peaceful demonstration by killing Georgian civilians, including students and women, some of the latter pregnant.This way Russia wanted to keep Empire, although the Soviet Union collapsed.

All the people and countries in the world were living the illusion that this brutal misanthropic and attuned like hostile to human rights regime will have no follower. But Russia just showed that they were waiting for the right time, they were preparing themselves to return to the old pattern.

After 1989, Russia was always trying their best to make life difficult and even tragical for the Georgian people. Every winter power stations were blown up, cutting off the gas supply to Georgia immediately. Also, they supported separatist movements in Georgia and provoked differences on ethnic grounds among Georgian, Abkhazian and Ossetian people. So these seeds of distrust were planted by Russia among us. Separatism itself was a result of spreading hatred and 'divide and rule' politics, for which Russia is the only responsible party. Such games enable them to have us all within their fold. Of course the fact that the goals Russia was setting couldn't be achieved without costing human lives, costing peace, costing our happiness to enjoy being free and together, didn't stop Russian imperialists. And for sure our inexperience and mistakes done from both Georgian as well as Abkhazian side helped Russia to their success in 'keeping peace' in our , conflict Region. But for Russian great surprise Georgia had last time economical and political success. Country was not far away to ernt of seeds of their serious attempt to make progress. The Kremlin was not going to tolarete this process any more. And if part time distractions was not enough to harm Georgia, they strat from 8 August the open war with this country.

Now back to separaism. We, Georgians and Abkhazians are pure Caucasians. We lived together for centuries. There are mixed families on both sides. I see myself in their face. For sure, all wars are tragic, but for Georgian and Abkhazian people a war between us is the biggest misfortune. People indeed feel this way on both sides. We feel ourselves more close with one another culturally, historically, morally, and traditionally than with Russia. Just call an Abkhazian, Georgian or Ossetian 'Russian' and you will see how they react about being called 'Russian citizen'. You will understand that they don't want to be and are not Russians. So arguing that Abkhazians and Ossetians are Russian citizens is not only a mistake but also a big lie. On the other hand Separatist are lieng to their own people too, as they speack from 'indipendence' but they mean dependence from Russia. So all this conflict will make either Georgian nor Abkhazian people to a winner. As long conflict continius only Kreml has something to celebrate!

But sometimes, even if you know that this 'Caucasus drama' written by Russia will not bring anything good to any of us, 'divide and rule' still succeeds. The problem is that Russian government has their people and people in breakaway regions in an information vacuum and under their observant eyes. They make some people believe their lies that are inferior for the rest of the world. And if somebody disagree, they are afraid to talk on risk of their life. So Russia manipulated people over the time. Under the cover of peacekeeping, Russian authorities continued their work freely. So Georgia had no chance to resolve problems in conflict regions, or to speak with their citizens and to restore unity and peace in the country, as Russia wanted to 'keep peace' and had totally other interests as peace and unity of Georgia.

After the first shock of this bloody war, I want to say that this war no longer looks extraordinary from Russia to me. It's true, we never expected to have such terrible days, but from the Russian side it looks like for me a well-thought plan being carried out systematically, step by step.

And back to the question of this post: Is it all separatism, a result of ethnical, cultural or any other difference? Or is it all just a result of 'divide and rule' in our case?

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