Sunday, August 24, 2008

Is it only Georgias problem?!

Since August 8th when this horrible conflict started between Russia and Georgia I havent slept for more than 4 hours a day. I am terrified and horrified by what Russian army is doing Georgia. I am worried about my family who is there and about every Georgian that is experiencing this horror. But I am even more horrified by the passivity of the international community and most of all apathy of ordinary people. Many of my so called friends have written me emails demanding to stop sending them information about the situation in Georgia because they hate war. Does anybody like war?! If we talk about it it is only because we want to stop it, because we want the world to see what atrocities are committed in Georgia right now and how many innocent people have died and are still continued to be killed right this moment.

I dont know how can I explain to these people that this is not only Georgia's problem. Killings of innocent people regardless of their origin have to be stopped!!! What happened in Rwanda, Chechnya what is happening in Darfur and Georgia these are all results of this apathy and not caring what is going on elsewhere.

Couple of weeks ago I would have never imagined that this would happen in Georgia, why is everybody so sure that this will not repeat itself in their countries, in their cities, in their homes?!

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