Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Russia's great achievement in... Is it something to celebrate?

"photos by GEGA"


  1. As former Soviet-block child, I can sign up for all the above except my family is safe - for now. I am equally appalled by the seeming inaction of our international organizations, just as well by people chosing to shut your eyes and turn their backs on WAR.

    Unfortunately, most people won't care about it until it is in their backyards. That's just human nature, and I can understand them giving priority of their personal problems.

    However, we should not be deterred in our efforts to reach people who care and eventually WILL make a difference. Minds can be changed. Actually, this is the first case in my life I'm signing up for a cause. I don't have to be Georgian to see that what's going on must be stopped and I was in shock right from the beginning.

    In unity we stand!

  2. Good comment!

    And - very good posters!