Sunday, November 16, 2008

Can God go threw needle?

People blame, that there is a lot of propaganda. I agree, but there are a lot of (enough) clear facts and propaganda can't cover them. So only point, what worries me is, that nobody want to see and touch this facts to work on them. As for many, propaganda may is not something they would like, but still it gives them (every side and involved and not involved parties) feeling of safeness. Propaganda is coat where they all the countries and officials and organizations etc. can hide. To do things are difficult. They can't and don't want to take their part responsibility. To 'investigate' is easy. Endless fight about: And who was the first, egg or chicken? Can God go threw needle? Until there are no answers on this questions, until we have different answers, but can't decide, until Russia keeps 'peace' and we all keep peace with Russia and Georgian government keeps his mouth now shot ... people die ... but everything has 'explanation' we could (?) do something, but we can't (?) until we are investigating and clearing questions mentioned above.

Here some more pictures:

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